EOS MP-E65 Macrophoto Lens 1x-5x f/2.8
Discover the miniature world under your feet with this wonderful lens.This lens extremely simplifies the technical aspects of high magnification photography allowing you to concentrate on the most important and difficult part: your images.

This selection of natural history images show a small window of the possibilities this lens offers.

Technical, they are all taken with flash as main light, sometimes relying on ambient light to avoid a pitch-black background, which is often not quite appealing. Using flash also allows to use this lens handheld, which is required to capture the living world (especially to follow crawling or flying insects).

Magnification comparison series.
This sequence shows the effects of increasing magnification on the same subject. It represents magnification ratios from 1:5 to 5:1 (to show the contrast between both extremes!)
CRW_5223_1_5X CRW_5223_1_5X

EF 100f/2.8 USM
1:5 magnification ratio (0.2x)

CRW_5222_1_3X CRW_5222_1_3X

EF 100f/2.8 USM
1:3 magnification ratio (0.3x)

CRW_5218-0_5X CRW_5218-0_5X

EF 100f/2.8 USM
1:2 magnification ratio (0.5x)

CRW_5213-1x CRW_5213-1x

1:1 magnification ratio (1x magnification factor)

CRW_5211-2x CRW_5211-2x

2:1 magnification ratio (2x magnification factor)

CRW_5208-3X CRW_5208-3X

3:1 magnification ratio (3x magnification factor)

CRW_5202-4X CRW_5202-4X

4:1 magnification ratio (4x magnification factor)

CRW_5200-5X CRW_5200-5X

5:1 magnification ratio (5x magnification factor)

CRW_0755 CRW_0755

Aphid producing offspring (aprox 3X, cropped to panoramic format)

CRW_0877 CRW_0877

Detail of Muscari infloration

CRW_1055 CRW_1055

Pink Anemone (1x)

CRW_1091 CRW_1091

Pink Anemone (5x detail)

CRW_3982 CRW_3982

Strawberry seed

CRW_4015-copy CRW_4015-copy

Cocoon of drosophila

CRW_4281-Nsh CRW_4281-Nsh

Hoverfly feeding on nectar

CRW_4577 CRW_4577

small mushroom found on rotten wood

CRW_4583 CRW_4583

small mushroom found on rotten wood (detail)

CRW_4817 CRW_4817

5x detail of a lily pistil

CRW_4721 CRW_4721

Detail of stamen of a christmas rose (Poinsettia)

CRW_4888-worked-Nsh CRW_4888-worked-Nsh

Cross Spider feeding on fly

CRW_4928 CRW_4928

Cross Spider feeding on fly (1x)

CRW_4922 CRW_4922

Cross Spider feeding on fly (3x)

CRW_4944 CRW_4944

Cross Spider feeding on fly (5x)

CRW_5144 CRW_5144

Detail of an opening gerbera flower

CRW_5179 CRW_5179

Water drops on the border of a red gerbera petal

CRW_5312 CRW_5312

Europe wasp feeding on apple

CRW_5409 CRW_5409

“Shy” Grasshopper portrait

CRW_9659 CRW_9659

Intimate close-up of a freesia flower