Layla in the mist

Layla in the mist

After seeing CO2 used in so many movies and shows as special effect, I thought of giving it a try myself to create a photo, so I went to a factory of industrial gasses and got a 10Kg bag of CO2 pellets.

CO2 pellets - close up

CO2 pellets – close up

The stuff is quite actually quite difficult to use. First the CO2 pellets sublimate¬†continuously,¬† so my stock of 10 kg was about the half after 1 evening in the fridge. Second, when poured into water to produce mist, the reaction is strong, but lasts just a few minutes. I was using warm water to get a strong reaction, but it froze quite quickly. Third, the mist is gone almost as fast as it’s produced.
Lesson learnt for next time:

  • Buy more,
  • Use it the same day,
  • Use big can of water relative to the amount of CO2 pellets used,
  • Work fast – prepare the idea, lights and the scene beforehand.

Lights: Used a simple 2-light setup: 600EX-RT bare behind the girl and a second 600EX-RT fitted in a Lastolite Stripbox.